G4S: Fortifying Physical Security

CIO VendorGene Kuyrkendall, President, RSS division
Physical security impacts the very integrity of businesses around the world. However, even with a steadily growing market year after year, today’s security industry is yet to get around the myriad of challenges associated with meeting compliance standards, having standardized documentation, procedures, and policies, and incorporating the latest technologies. These challenges further get compounded by the involvement of critical infrastructures such as nuclear power plants where strategic and specialized security approaches trump over mere expertise and solutions. This is where G4S comes into the picture with their robust security solutions.

Focused deeply on identifying pain points within their client’s security demography, G4S conducts a gap analysis of their client’s environment from a solution set standpoint. Established as a prominent global leader in security solutions and consulting services, G4S specializes in multiple segments of businesses including investigation, technology, system integration, security personnel, and executive protection. Steve Sinclair, Managing Director of Critical Infrastructure / Energy, NSSC Division, G4S, says, “Given that every customer is different, our unique specialty is in conducting a risk or needs assessment and then bringing our individual lines of business together as one holistic approach to form a consistent solution set for various applications.”

The G4S critical infrastructure division is predominantly comprised of two core components, security personnel of commercial nuclear power plants within the United States and a series of consulting services supporting the industry. As the commercial nuclear industry continues to bear tremendous financial pressure, G4S’ offerings are designed to improve operational performance while providing an overall cost savings to their clients.

G4S’ consulting services assist clients in preparing for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)’s triennial Force-on-Force drill set.
Steve Sinclair, Managing Director of Critical Infrastructure / Energy, NSSC Division
This evaluation by the NRC is conducted as an audit exercise by the federal government to identify gaps in the security strategies of nuclear power plants. Gene Kuyrkendall, President, Regulated Security Solutions division, G4S states, “We believe that our greatest differentiator is our risk-based approach combined with over 40 years of regulatory knowledge and expertise. We are able to translate this expertise to benefit our customers within this highly regulated environment. It enables us to streamline efficiencies for all their physical security engagements.”

As G4S works with diverse clients ranging from small to large national companies, with their primary goal being to truly become a trusted advisor for any entity they are working with. While establishing themselves as a long-term security partner, the company exhibits their eminence as an expert who is capable of not only providing significant cost savings for their clients but also putting together a complete set of solutions designed to fit their exact needs. “We can take a company that operates in many locations within the U.S. or globally and offer them a security solution that starts with a risk assessment, and deliver access control, technology and security personnel,” adds Sinclair.

We believe that our greatest differentiator is our risk-based approach combined with over 40 years of regulatory knowledge and expertise

With over 650,000 employees serving the company’s purpose and vision globally, G4S plans to expand their expertise as a holistic security provider. The company aims to develop a solution set based on a unified approach. Eloquently moving forward with this vision, G4S plans to increase their market reach while further catering to other critical infrastructures in North America and worldwide.